Replica TAG Heuer Carrera Glassbox Gold Chronograph

Replica TAG Heuer Carrera Glassbox Gold Chronograph

For a long time, Tag Heuer has used steel watches as its main force. In the past few years, TAG Heuer has begun to accelerate the expansion of its gold watch lineup and restore historical gold watch styles – replica TAG Heuer Carrera Glassbox Gold chronograph.

The TAG Heuer Carrera was born in the same period as the Omega Speedmaster and Rolex Daytona (Carrera was launched in 1963), and is a sports chronograph as famous as the Speedmaster and Daytona in history. The Carrera chronograph “glassbox” is an antique Carrera chronograph originating from the 1970s that uses a raised curved acrylic mirror. After TAG Heuer launched the steel Carrera “glassbox” at the beginning of this year, it followed closely with the 18K gold  “glassbox”. More TAG Heuer Carrera clone watches.

Gold is the most commonly used K gold for retro models. The gold Carrera Glassbox, with its gold watch head and golden dial, exudes a strong sense of luxury and retro. The raised watch mirror of the “glass box” has now been replaced with a sapphire mirror. Under the sapphire mirror is the iconic “bowl-shaped” dial of the TAG Heuer Carrera Glassbox.

The dial of the gold Carrera “glassbox” is gold-plated. The three-dimensional hour markers are half on the dial and half on the raised tachymeter ring, and all facets are polished. The hands of the watch are gold-plated, and the small black counter is slightly sunken and decorated with a record pattern. The entire dial forms multiple levels. TAG Heuer Carrera Glassbox Gold Chronograph also has a small second hand, but TAG Heuer has “low-keyed” the small second hand to make it less obvious, just to make the two black chronograph counters look like a “golden panda”.

Replica TAG Heuer Carrera Glassbox Gold chronograph, 18K yellow gold case, size 39mm. 39 mm is the size often used by retro models in the world of luxury watches in recent years. For example, Tudor’s Black Bay 1958 Navy Blue, which takes the retro route, is also 39 mm. In order to highlight the mirror surface of the “glassbox”, this Carrera chronograph uses a very narrow bezel. Although there is a raised mirror, the thickness of the watch is also controlled at 13.9 mm, which is a normal thickness for an automatic chronograph. 18K gold case with polished front lugs and brushed case sides. The compact gold case and mushroom-head chronograph buttons give this Carrera a strong “antique watch” atmosphere.

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